Ancient Kydonia

Multimedia tour of ancient Kydonia through playful musical elements, using augmented reality technologies

Funded Project

PI for TUC
Katerina Mania

• Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania
• Aegean Solutions

Research Domain
• Multimodal Interfaces – Music
• Cultural Heritage
• Augmented Reality


The project is about a mobile platform application that builds and integrates digital content of historical monuments recaps, as well as site and historical background music that aims to motivate visitors to explore the history of a city through a serious game (Serious Gaming). The Innovation for the proposed application will be the spatial integration of sound and music with historical documentation that will be combined with the visual element and will be a key element in the user’s play, in the form of a musical story and audio footprint production.The software architecture of the system will be implemented with music and video scenarios and advanced augmented Reality features that enhance user experience while the visitor walks around points of interest.

Serious Games (SGs) have proven to be effective educational tools even for users with limited knowledge of digital media. They have proved equally or even more effective than traditional media. Learning through SG is based not only on learning but also on learning based on complex subject communication, increasing skills and enjoyment, engagement, inspiration, creativity and active participation.

The project will enable users to get acquainted with complex historical heritage concepts and motivate them to deepen the history of a city (Ancient Kydonia – Chania) in order to become active participants. Historical training through Serious Games as well as Virtual and Augmented Reality through visual and audio content will introduce the user to innovative modern technologies that will help him get to know the historic past of a city through a variety of visualizations.