Mixed Reality Piano training using real-time generated music

Maria Pelika


Katerina Mania

Research Domain
• Immersive Learning Environments
• Augmented Reality


Technology has substantially broadened the horizons of music practice, providing alternatives to conventional methods. Mobile apps and software with embedded lessons and real-time feedback deliver the convenience of a music teacher directly to smartphones, incorporating gamification elements that render practice sessions more immersive.The emergence of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies introduces new dimensions to music practice, offering immersive environments for learners to interact with musical instruments and compositions in innovative ways. This thesis introduces MR Keys, an innovative AR application for Microsoft HoloLens, aimed at revolutionizing piano learning. MR Keys provides engaging methods for both novice and advanced pianists to hone their skills, using a dynamic tile system where users interact with the app by playing piano keys as tiles descend upon them. Mistakes result in point deductions, motivating users to strive for perfection. MR Keys’ AI integration is a standout feature, enabling the creation of complementary melodies when users play chord progressions. User feedback has been pivotal in evaluating the comparative advantages of practicing alongside AI, offering insights into areas for future refinement.

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