Real-time 3D Interactive Application for Refining Urban Landscapes through their Musical Footprint

Maria Algiannaki


Katerina Mania

• Degital Media Lab, TUC

Research Domain
• Real-Time Graphics Music
• Architectural Design


Architects employ 3D digital design tools in order to explore alternative architectural designs. These mainly focus on space geometry demoting function and aesthetics. The resulting continuous evolution of the cities leads to problematic urban ensembles strongly identified as incoherent. The scope of this paper is to introduce a novel design tool for urban architecture based not only on the visual sense but also introducing reciprocal and interactive composition between music and architectural spaces. We present a highly innovative multimodal user interface named MusiCityX which offers an urban designer the ability to create an urban landscape and based on a specific translation method of interactively converting architectural spatial elements to musical elements, subsequently convert it to a musical footprint. The user can interactively and musically alter the derived musical piece so that it sounds more refined and simultaneously watch the alteration of the corresponding architectural space parameters of the urban design. This procedure can lead to a harmonious musical piece and a more cohesive urban environment. MusiCityX is evaluated by architects, enhancing the creative process for interactive urban architectural design. Key patterns not visible to the human eye are revealed providing design adjustments.

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